Hillsdown Water Services are the Leading Service Specialist and Supplier of Mains Fed Water Coolers in Northern Ireland.

We supply drinking water solutions and are specialists in the servicing of mains fed water coolers for a large variety of sectors throughout Northern Ireland. Mains fed water coolers are plumbed into the mains water supply and have an internal filtration system that leaves the customer with an unlimited supply of filtered and chilled water at a very reasonable cost. And even if you have not purchased your cooler from us, we can still maintain the regular servicing of your coolers to keep them working in top condition.

We also supply hot water boilers and water softening equipment for areas that are affected by hard water and as a consequence suffer from limescale. Many of the top restaurants in the North have installed our water softeners to ensure that expensive items such as steam ovens have a greater lifespan and do not suffer from downtime due to breakdowns.

We back this up with an exceptional after sales service. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do please call us on T. 028 9260 5916.

Helping you get the purest and most efficient solution for your organisation.

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